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Is there a way to show the areas of assessment for each observation without listing the whole DM’s statements? E.g. if there was a colour code system then during moderation and parents looking through the hard copy of the child’s could instantly see a Maths observation it would make it easier. During moderation I spent so long flicking back wards and forwards trying to find evidence for UtW why a simple colour coded dot system would be brilliant. 


My other question is, is there a way to show parents on Tapestry who their child’s key worker is? It’s important they know and this would be a good way to see an image of them and clarify who it is. 

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For your last point, I'd simply do a mock obs with a picture of the child's Key Person, and a little bit about her.  You could go this as a group lbs and then simply split it so that you're not repeating yourself.  I agree, it's important that parents know who their first - and second port of call is.  

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Hi ELEANOR_Downing,

Welcome to the forum!

On Tapestry you can export children's learning journals to just include observations with specific assessments in. To do this you will need to go to the control panel -> manage children -> click on the cog button at the end of the row of the child's name you want to export the journal for -> select 'Export journal to PDF'. Please see this tutorial for a more in-depth look at how to do this. 

Once you have selected the 'export journal to PDF' option, you will presented with a page with different options for the journal. If you scroll down the page to the 'Assessment Options' section, there you can choose the '

In terms of viewing who a child's key person is on Tapestry, there isn't really a way to see this at the moment, although it is on our list of things to look into adding to Tapestry. So, you could do as Cait suggested and make an observation about this to show parents. We'll let you know if we make any progress on adding this though! 

Best wishes,


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