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Can anyone help me with suggestions on how to 'rota' the hudles

We are all grown ups however I feel that some staff are always on the huddle and are not spending time with the children and engaging with them in session.


How do other setting manage this? 


Thank you 

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Hello RaceFace03!

I've moved this thread into the Tapestry users conversation area - you might get more advice here! 

I know that from my own experience, having only one tablet between approximately 2 ratio groups works well for us.(so, we if we have 12 babies = 2 tablets, 12 toddlers = 2 tablets, 16 pre-school = 2 tablets). When we have supervisions about key children we can see quickly who has not been making obs (because they haven't used the tablet) and this can be raised as part of their professional development. Similarly, someone who has the tablet all the time, is generally not making useful and meaningful observations - we say they need to be significant and notable to merit an observation. We find that linking to our expectations of a key person we don't have a problem.


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Hudle is a tablet, we use Tapestry to record observations of the children. Staff have 4 to share in the session to capture observations. 


Some staff make notes and during paperwork time transfer the notes onto the huddle. The only problem with that is that is takes time and eats up most of their paperwork time. The idea of the huddles is the capture the observation quickly and its complete. But some staff seem to walk around with the hudles and just seem to focus on observations and not engage with the children. When the observation is complete they should put it down and continue to engage with the children. I have a member of staff who seems to use the hudle to escape the engagement with the children. 

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Hi Rebecca, 


Thank you, I don't know how to post the thread!!! 

Thanks for your advice on this matter, we don't have different rooms which is difficult to limit the hudles. 


You are so right!!!!! Staff making lots of observations tend to be statements which are meaningless, not actual observations.  


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