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Statutory fgm reporting requirements

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Has there been new guidance issued that I have missed?

I have covered this within Designated Lead Safeguarding (deputy too) and I have undertaken online training in this

I have received an email that states that all staff need to be trained....... 


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Hi Sunnyday :)

As far as I know it isn't statutory for all staff to be trained specifically but it is part of safeguarding training, I'm happy for someone to point it out if I've missed it! However, it is now part of the safeguarding training as you describe. In 'Keeping Children safe in Education' (p71, ref to para 27) FGM has become a mandatory reporting requirement. There are free courses available, this one is from the Home Office.

"FGM: The Home Office has launched a free online training package dealing with Female Genital Mutilation (FGM) developed with Virtual College. This training will provide you with an overview of FGM and your responsibilities in FGM cases. It also contains information on how to prevent FGM and helps professionals support those who have been subjected to it. To take this course visit the Home Office Virtual College".

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As I was working on something else I actually found the reference!

EYFS Statutory Framework (2017) p17: 

3.6. Providers must train all staff to understand their safeguarding policy and procedures, and ensure that all staff have up to date knowledge of safeguarding issues. Training made available by the provider must enable staff to identify signs of possible abuse and neglect at the earliest opportunity, and to respond in a
timely and appropriate way. These may include:
• significant changes in children's behaviour
• deterioration in children’s general well-being
• unexplained bruising, marks or signs of possible abuse or neglect
• children’s comments which give cause for concern
• any reasons to suspect neglect or abuse outside the setting, for example in the child’s home or that a girl may have been subjected to (or is at risk of) female genital mutilation and/or
• inappropriate behaviour displayed by other members of staff, or any other person working with the children, for example: inappropriate sexual comments; excessive one-to-one attention beyond the requirements of their usual role and responsibilities; or inappropriate sharing of images
Providers may also find ‘What to do if you’re worried a child is being abused: Advice for practitioners’ helpful. 

Then there are the references to the following docs (amongst others):
13 www.gov.uk/government/publications/female-genital-mutilation-guidelines
14 www.gov.uk/government/publications/what-to-do-if-youre-worried-a-child-is-being-abused--2

 So, it's not statutory to train staff specifically in fgm, 'may include' covers that. However, clearly it is a critical part of the statutory safegurding training.

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