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New Creche going completely paper free

Thomas Quinn

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Hi all

We are new crèche starting out and are looking at a variety of options for planning and assessment to make it as streamlined and time efficient as possible.

I have started my trial of tapestry and it looks really good, I will have play with it and look more at the tracking side.

Please can anyone help with the following 

Are you able to use Tapestry to do planning or did anyone use any other programs alongside tapestry or instead off?

What are the best and worst things about tapestry for you?


What my ideal system will be is that all planning, observations and assessments are all paper free. This is so we can spend more time with the children, as it will hopefully be more time efficient as well as parents being more involved in their child's learning.


Hope you can help

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Hi Thomas, welcome to the forum!

It's great that you are liking Tapestry so far, if you have any particular questions don't forget you can email our product support team tapestry.support@eyfs.info and we will be more than happy to help.

I am sure that there will be some users along soon who will tell you how they are using Tapestry in their setting to acheive the planning, observation and assessment outcomes you are asking about. :D


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Hi Thomas,

Welcome to the FSF, well done on making your first post!

There are several ways that you can use Tapestry to assist with planning. Once you have collected your observation and assessment data you can use the summative screen in snapshots to see any 'gaps'. If you look at a group of children's gaps which follow a vertical pattern that will tell you where staff are not observing generally. This can help you plan enhancements for particular areas (for example, are you lacking observations in Literacy/Reading because your book area is uninviting?) If you look at gaps on the summative screen that follow a horizontal pattern this will help you see which children are not being observed in particular areas and this can inform next steps or provocations in different areas. 

We have several members that are working 'paper free' - hopefully they will come and give you some ideas - they are not all using Tapestry, but they might suggest things you haven't yet thought of! :)


Education advisor and forum editor

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