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  1. Staff children attending creche

    Hi all We a new crèche starting up and a staff member has requested that her child attend the crèche, this is because other childcare arrangements finish at midday and would be easier. As we only currently have one room her child will be in the same room. How does everyone feel about it? We haven't got a policy as yet about but I will need to create one. I spoke to the staff member saying that I need time to think about but if it was going to happen then she would need to stay professional at all times and that will reviewed continuously thank you for the advice
  2. Hi all We are new crèche starting out and are looking at a variety of options for planning and assessment to make it as streamlined and time efficient as possible. I have started my trial of tapestry and it looks really good, I will have play with it and look more at the tracking side. Please can anyone help with the following Are you able to use Tapestry to do planning or did anyone use any other programs alongside tapestry or instead off? What are the best and worst things about tapestry for you? What my ideal system will be is that all planning, observations and assessments are all paper free. This is so we can spend more time with the children, as it will hopefully be more time efficient as well as parents being more involved in their child's learning. Hope you can help