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Over Achieving Child


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an interesting question! do you mean she is a high achiever in all areas of learning or that she has talents in certain areas?

as a pre-school we have children who have talents in all sorts of areas, as long as I continue to support their needs i'm not sure I need to class them as over achievers .

I have a family who I have known for many years...their first two children started pre-school at 3 being able to read and the last two had fantastic language skills BUT socially they found things more difficult. I supported their talents but also continue to teach new skills in other areas.

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When you have to start teaching the KS1 curriculum? :ph34r:

I guess I'd be saying more able instead of overachiever! Is this in any particular area of development?

I'd also be looking very closely at the ways the child demonstrates these more developed skills - are they really embedded and used to support their own learning/development in other areas? Is there evidence of the childs own metacognition of their skills?


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