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Questionnaires - Professional Identities of the Early Years Workforce


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Hi All,

As part of my Masters Degree I’m undertaking some research into professional Identities within the Early Years workforce, and as such I’m looking for respondents for my very brief questionnaires.
The research, it is currently entitled:‘What’s in a name?: An Exploration into Professional Identities within the Early Childhood Education and Care workforce’, and explores professional identity within the ECEC sector, with a particular focus on job titles, their corresponding roles, levels of qualifications and the value attributed to this job title by the employee. There are three different questionnaires, dependent on respondent, these are detailed below, with appropriate links to the questionnaires:
1. Owner / Director / Manager



2. Practitioners


3. Specialist Recruitment Agent


I'd be really grateful for as many respondents as possible, as I'd like to get the views of as many of the ECEC workforce and recruitment agencies as possible, ..... unfortunately though I have a deadline of the 8th September!
Many thanks in advance,


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Hi, Thanks for yr response. Not particularly focusing on the PVI sector, it could indeed cover the maintained sector and beyond, encompassing the wider Early Childhood workforce. These are preliminary surveys, which may well be extended. Thanks for your interest.

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Thanks Sarah. Good luck with your research too, sounds interesting ... I'm just finishing my dissertation, and interestingly leadership style did come into it, although that wasn't the subject matter!


Let me know if you want any input at any point,

All the best,

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