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Staff wage increases


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Just wanted to see if anyone was increasing wages from September and by what percentage?

I have two staff on minimum wage(since it went up in April) so looking to increase that but then it impacts on maintaining the differential for other more qualified staff.

Trying to find some figures for average wage increases for nursery staff.

3.5% seems to be national average (Daily Telegraph) but my husband who is a train driver only got 2%.


Any help please.

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For us it was always a big balancing act on looking at what we could reasonably afford against what I felt I wanted to give.


I did tend to look at the percentage increase on minimum wage and tried to increase everyone by that percentage at the same time. Finances did not always allow this so I had to use the percentage we could reasonably afford.


I did always make it a percentage rather than a flat amount.. rounding up or down to the nearest figure that made it easy to calculate. I always felt flat amounts for all unfair as it did duce the differential we had tried hard to set up.

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