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Hi all!

I have a a couple of questions regarding Tapestry, hopefully someone will shed a light?


* Are parents notified when a new report is added for their child? I know I need to allow parents to view them, but I am not sure if the'll receive email letting them now that new report was added.


* When adding a report- is there any way I can change the age of child? I need to do some additional reports (adding some 2 year old checks on Tapestry in the format we used to do before we started using Tapestry for example) but it seems that changing the age is disabled?


Thanks for your responses!

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Hello Nightingale 1,


At the moment I'm afraid there isn't a way of enabling parents to receive a notification when a report is created, however we are working on adding this notification in the future and we will keep you updated on any new features in our change log and Tapestry newsletters!


When you add the report there isn't a way of overriding the date of birth. You can however, change the date of the report to reflect the child's age on the report.

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Hello Nightingale 1,


Could you kindly send a support ticket to customer.service@eyfs.info quoting the above and if possible, provide us with a screen shot of the page after editing the date and saving the report (including the DOB, Age in months at check, date of check and date of entry into setting) so that we may investigate further.

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