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Thinking of buying tapestry but need some advice...


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Being a bit of a techie-phobe I am unsure how/whether tapestry will work for our department and would welcome some advice from other users!


We have two EYFS classes (one Nursery and the other Reception). Can we buy one account and use it for both classes? I am guessing it would make it much easier when children transfer from Nursery to Reception, or would it be better to create 2 accounts??


Secondly - how many tablets do other settings use? Does each Key Person have their own?


Lastly - what storage is best when looking at what tablet to purchase - will have approximately 40-50 children to add to system.


Thanks for any advice.

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We generally advise settings that smaller accounts are more manageable than larger ones. Unless you really need to analyse progress data for all of the children simultaneously, it's easier to have each cohort or class in different accounts, but all kept under the one FSF membership. The invoices for all Tapestry accounts will then be sent to the one registered person we have on record. However, each Tapestry account can have as many staff added to it as you wish.


When you purchase your first Tapestry package, the cost includes membership to the FSF (www.eyfs.info). Any subsequent Tapestry accounts you might purchase would be eligible for a £20 + VAT discount from the listed price in our store here.


In terms of the amount of tablets we normally suggest getting one per room and seeing how that works out, then if you feel you'd like to have one per worker you can always purchase more.


Data entered into Tapestry is uploaded to our servers and by default no data is stored on your device other than the app itself. There is therefore no need to pay more for a device with a large storage capacity unless you specifically opt to save Tapestry media to the device as well or you want to store your own photos or data on there.


I hope this helps!

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Hi nomski100,


As zigzag suggested having a play around is a really good way to get to grips with Tapestry, we do try and make it as easy-to-use as possible!


We do also have a tutorials page which you can find here which go over how to set up your account and the various parts of Tapestry. You can also always ask any questions here, by sending a support ticket through your Tapestry account or by emailing customer.service@eyfs.info.


If you do think though that you would still like some training on Tapestry we do offer remote support sessions for £30 +VAT an hour. If you are interested in finding out more about one of these sessions or book one of them you can email us at customer.service@eyfs.info.


I hope this helps!

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