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Questions for parents when a child starts

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I currently use the 'All about me' form kindly added to this site a few years ago but I am now looking for something a little bit more specific to enable staff to create the child's baseline earlier using Parent's input as well.

In the ideal world I would like to have half an hour with each parent during their child's settling in session but often it is grandparents or childminders bringing the children in and it would also mean taking a staff member out of the room.

So my thinking is that if there was a form that parent's could complete (similar to the one parent's do for the HV 2 yr check) this may help - then keyperson could go through it if parent had the time.

Has anyone already done this and would be willing to share or I am better to stick with what we use?


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Well I do use one which I devised using the parent's form of the EYFS "What to expect, when"

http://www.foundationyears.org.uk/2015/03/what-to-expect-when-a-parents-guide/. However, during a visit from our LA, the advisor was of the opinion it was too much,and it can take some time to go through it with a parent. So I am thinking of revising it. Her ideas of starting points should be the picture we see in the first 2 weeks when a child begins and I know there are arguments that it takes a long time to get to know the child and I do agree, but there are some glaring obvious things we can note as soon as we meet a child - our first impressions etc. and this is what she is suggesting we record, regardless of how they're well-being is etc. as from this point you should be able to show what a difference you make to the child within the first term, we are currently piloting this system.


I also use the All About Me which I have tweaked over the years. I also ask about hearing and speech and have some questions I want to know about how sensory sensitive the children are.

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We do home visits and I have a parents questionnaire which asks things like how does child like to be comforted if upset, pregnancy, birth, early milestones etc. I go through prime areas of what to expect when, but also ask about favourite books and counting / object permanence. This information goes in as first assessment and then is balanced by our observations of the child as they settle. We also use an All about me form, but that is more about likes / dislikes rather than assessment.

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