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Plants in pre school

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I think you should be able google a list. There used to be one on the disk that came with the original EFYS if you still have that hanging around. I had a list from the RHS a few years back too.


Sorry that not really much help is it :rolleyes: :rolleyes: :rolleyes:

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do you want big or little? we have quite a range in our setting...though over the last year or so im afraid i have changed most of these to articicial alternatives because they were juct not coping well with being played with and died over the holidays! (ikea have a very natural range that work well ...we're building them up over time!)

spider plants are great and cope well!

large yucca types are fine

you cant have cheese plants ...poisonous !


My ofsted inspector was a bit surprised by the fact we had plants! but we assured her we had risk assessed them and got advice on what we had (ask your garden centre !!) there is a LOT of conflicing adivce as to what you can have ...it is the leaves you have to worry about..unlikely that the children are going near roots/bulbs etc in this circumstance!


PS I LOVE having greenery in the setting..i would not be without it...now need to work on lighting a bit more to soften certain areas

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