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reset password ?


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ok I have a few parents still not using tapestry (bad parents....bad bad parents :ph34r: ::1a )

I have checked their emails (again) and would like to resend a link.

Now daft question do I resend them the first option (password reset?)

or the second (send link?)



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Hello Finleysmaid,


On the reset password page for a relative the 'Generate Link' option will just generate a URL link which you would then need to email to parents.


So, if you want to just send them a password reset link you will need to choose the 'Send Email' option.


If you have a few parents who you want to do this for you can now send them a password reset link in bulk. :1b To do this you just need to put a tick in the boxes along the lines of the appropriate relative's names, then select 'reset password' in the pop up options box in the bottom right hand corner and then again on the page which confirms which relatives will be sent an email.

In both cases, the password reset will expire after 24 hours.

If the 30 days (the period that the activation link is valid for) have not passed but they just haven't received the activation link, it is advisable to inform parents to check their junk/spam folders for it before sending out the password reset as that will effectively cancel out the first 'activation' link. If they can see it there, please ask them to add us to their safe senders list in order to continue receiving notifications from Tapestry successfully.


I hope this helps get the rest of your parents on board!

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Just to add to what Sneha said, sending an email is the quickest and easiest thing to do, but as the link does only last for 24 hours, if you think your parents aren't going to see/use it in that time frame, perhaps it would be better to manually reset the password to one of your choice (the third option on that page) then tell them what you set it to and explain how they can reset the password from within the account when they do get around to logging in.

The second 'Generate a link' option acts in the same way as the reset password email, but rather than it being sent straight to the parent, you see the link and then you have have to send a copy of it to them yourself. I would really only use this if you're using some kind of mail merging system though as it would really just generate extra work for you otherwise.

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