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Research question: From Good to Outstanding and beyond.


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Hi everyone,


I wonder if I can ask for your thoughts and help please?


I am currently doing a dissertation for my Master’s Degree in early education, through the University of Worcester.


My research question is:

From Good to Outstanding and beyond.

Taking Early Years provision beyond the Ofsted requirements for Outstanding, to create a truly exceptional setting.


The purpose of this research is for me to gain a better understanding of what constitutes quality in early years settings, nurseries and pre-schools. I can then support settings to develop their practice beyond the Ofsted requirement for Outstanding to become consistently exceptional in the care and education they provide for young children.


What do you see as a quality early years setting, and how do you know that it is quality? Also how can we ensure that the quality is consistent and not just on Ofsted inspection day?


I have attached a simple questionnaire to gather your views on quality, and ask if you wouldn't completing and return it to me asap please?


My work will be guided by the BERA Guidelines for Ethical Educational research, a copy of which can be seen at https://www.bera.ac.uk/wp-content/uploads/2014/02/BERA-Ethical-Guidelines-2011.pdf?noredirect=1

It will be also guided by the University of Worcester Ethical Guidelines, which can be found at http://www.worcester.ac.uk/researchportal/documents/Ethics_Policy_Final_approved_by_AB_4_13.pdf

If you wish these documents to be emailed to you, or if you have any comments, other research or questions please contact me at debrabarton40@gmail.com..


Thank you very much for supporting my research. I'm really looking forward to hearing your views on quality.

Best wishes

Debra x ::1a

FS Forum Questions staff.docx

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Thanks Scarletangel, I have received your completed questionnaire, I really appreciate your feedback.


Okay Rob6692 and Berryred, thank you for looking at it for me. Any answers will be gratefully received.


I am also interested in any thoughts on how the leaders and managers have impacted on the Inspection outcome, and the overall quality of the settings generally.
And whether you feel that quality is a dynamic process (a thing to do on an ongoing basis and continually review) or a target (something to achieve and then not look at for a while?)


Thanks everyone for supporting me with this.

Debra x

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Hi everyone,


I would be interested in your views as to whether you feel that quality is a dynamic process (a thing to do on an ongoing basis and continually review) or a target (something to achieve and then not look at for a while?). And what brought you to that conclusion.


Debra x

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