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Hi. I feel that this is a question I should know the answer to but I don't so I really hope you can help.

I've always been led to believe that you only assess against the early learning goals at the end of year R. Since September, we have been using Tapestry. When you are selecting the statements which your observation links to, you have the option of 30-50 mths, 40-60mths, ELG and ELG+. Does this mean that ELG supersedes 40-60 mths? In other words, if you feel a child is working beyond 40-60 mths, do you then look at ELG and assess against this, even if it's mid way through the year?

I hope I've explained this clearly and I hope you can help.



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Hi Kerry,

You're right- the ELGs shouldn't be assessed until the end of reception, although I appreciate the temptation! The last age-band is of course 40-60+ so I would advise that you choose 'secure' for that age-band. However, I'm not a reception teacher- so I'm hoping others will come along and tell you what they do with a child who is beyond 40-60+ in terms of their learning and development!

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You give your judgement at the end of the year but if a child is securely meeting ALL of the skills described in the ELG then they should be supported to deepen their skills and move beyond the goals into the KS1 areas of learning. This could happen at any time and it would be wrong to hold a child back until June! Looking to deepen and develop mastery would be the key but they would be exceeding the ELG for the EYFSP.



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