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I have always been a member of NCMA and then Pacey. Personally I think it provides the most respected representation for childminders (and now other childcare and education professionals). However, recently the importance of online representation has made me question my choice. The three things to consider in the choice are Insurance, Online Presence, and Training and Business Stationery. If you're looking for business, then childcare.co.uk will give better online presence. Pacey's alternative, iChild has only ever given me one contact, but even when I paid for 'gold' access to childcare.co.uk I didn't rate on their searches because I have very low turn-over and don't ask my clients to rate me on the site all the time. I'm not sure of the cost of insurance, but Pacey charge separately for it, while childcare.co.uk charge for access to their app and insurance is free with it. I like the training with Pacey and have done quite a lot - especially the free training. Morten Michell is the historic competitor to Pacey. I believe it is cheaper, not sure of the online access. The business books are well liked by those how use them. Pacey insist on using their contracts for their insurance and legal cover to be valid. Fair enough I think - keeps us all safe, but they're not cheap and they cover every eventuality so very long. Not sure what the others insist upon. Pacey make me feel safe But maybe I'm gullible and should shop around a bit more - like banks and insurance.


Maybe we should set up a comparison site?


Good luck,



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