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I was lucky enough to attend the Early Excellence EYFS conference yesterday. As part of this conference they told us about the hundred review. This is following on from the likelihood of a complete review of EYFS based on some of the things written in the report Effective Teaching Practice in Primary Schools. Some of the ideas considered to be effective are very alarming to me! For example, suggesting that the most effective Reception classes are those that bring elements of Year 1 into their practice... Anyway definitely worth reading the report but if you would like to be part of research that is based on what actual practitioners see as effective go to the Early Excellence website and sign up. They need as many people as possible to do this in order for anyone to actually take on board what is said. I, for one will be taking a stand!

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Mmmm ....an interesting quote from the document:

'Effective schools invest in developing a strong reception year with a structured approach to teaching and a focus on planning for learning rather than aimless activities.' (page 36) I wonder what they mean by aimless activities- it would have been helpful to give an example.

And a question from the document for teachers: 'How confident are you that, at any one time, your pupils could explain what they are doing and why (if those pupils have the necessary communication skills)?'

I've not taught reception (nursery and years 2 and 4) but I'm not sure what we would expect from a reception child regarding the 'why'?

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