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Hello All


Recently elected as new chair. Both myself and the previous chair have spent time debating who within our company would be Persons with a significant Control as a register declairing this is required for Companies House.


So far we haven't been able to get to an answer. Companies House cannot tell us but state we must declare anyone that has significant control over the company (duh we get that)


Our provision is a registered charity and a company limited by guarantee. We have a management committee whom ALL form the registered person and carry the same responsibility. The only time perhaps could be if there is a tied vote then the chair would get a final/deciding vote, this would be on a very rare occasions,


Our thoughts are that either ALL or the management committee or NONE of the management committee are Persons with Significant control. There is also the manager of the setting who is not on our committee but reports to the committee so I would say they aren't a PSC either.


Any thoughts?

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