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I placed a status on a facebook page regarding training as was overwhelmed is setting wanting training, there where many comments which I then asked to comment on here, but if they do not have the sign in details as usually would be the manager then they cannot post. Do you have a facebook/twitter Page that is direct to you.


There are many setting that are interested in either web training or meeting in local areas together, Can you help with this I understand that some training was delivered in Devon (I think it was.)


So can you help with training?

if so where will training take place?

How do we contact or do we have to source this ourselves?.


I love Tapestry but I find the only part confusing is the analysis.


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I have run a few training sessions over the last year, including a couple of sessions in Somerset, but I'm afraid we don't currently have any availability to book any more in. What we are doing though is offering bookable remote training sessions.


For that you just need to choose one or more 30 minute time slots for us to call you in and talk you through any areas you are having problems with or would like to know more about. As part of this, if you're happy for us to do so, we can link up to your computer so we are looking at the same screen as you. We can then explain any figures you're a bit unsure about and take you through the areas you may not have seen before. These sessions cost £30 per 30 minute session and can run between 9:30am and 4:30pm any day Monday to Friday.

We would prepare an invoice to cover the cost of the training and payment would be required prior to the session taking place.
Would that be something you're interested in? If so, just send a message to customer.service@eyfs.info with the best time and date for you and hopefully we'll be able to book you in.

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