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Hi there,


I am really sorry if this is a repeat post, I had a little look and couldn't find the answer I am looking for.


I am a new user to tapestry this year and so far loving it!


I am just finishing off some of my summative assessments for this term, last minute I know, and I have noticed for the few that I have manually put in that there is a small pen on the overview and a small asterisk on the PDF download for it? Is there a way of removing these?

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Hi and welcome to the forum jsonnex, I don't think there is, I have asked about it as don't like the * on the PDFs either and it makes all the rows a different depth as the * drops underneath the name.

It shows you where you have not linked an assessment to an observation (i.e you have manually overridden the assessment made - or put one in because you were missing one) - some settings use this to see where they need to find secure evidence for their assessment judgements.

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