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thinking about using tapestry in our preschool and was just thinking how many observations per day, per child do people usually get using the system as we are writing observations and tend to do a lot per child per day and we are hoping that tapestry cuts the work load down.

we are obbing with gay abandon at the moment! because it is a new system to us. You can do as many or as few as you like. You'll find them much easier to do and when linked with videos or notes they make much more sense. We do not assess every ob...some of them are just for the parents because they show something lovely (like a wow moment or first day or first time of doing something) but may not be there for an assessment. Parents understand that they may have a few or none....but you can keep an eye on how many are produced for each child and up it if needed.

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Hi, we got on the Tapestry wagon in September and I have to say that a number of our staff were very unsure and somewhat nervous about changing systems. They were concerned whether there would be enough time to get observations etc and I have to say the ones that were the most nervous are the ones that do the most observations, they absolutely love it. Like Finsleymaid we don't assess all of them, some are for the parents only, but on a whole between 6 members of staff I'd say we do approximately 20-30 sessions a day. A lot of this depends on the activities that are provided too. Good luck ::1a

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