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I am a new user to Tapestry and am very much enjoying the ease of observations.


I notice a lot of extra space next to the child when selecting them on the app.

Could this space be used for other information.

At the moment it only says their name and "cohort 2016". When you log on using a desktop and look at the 'children' page you can see how many observations have been made and when the last one was. This would be useful information in the child selection screen so that we can see who hasn't had an observation for a while.

It would be even more useful if there was a next step displayed there so we can quickly know exactly what we should be looking out for for each child. This is particularly useful in a Reception setting where I am responsible a class of 30 rather than having key children.


The ability to quickly print off 'What to look for' sheets on a Monday morning would also be a very helpful feature both at a child and class level or by a statement that is particularly lacking.





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Hi Alex and welcome to the fsf, I like the idea of staff being able to see when their last 'individual' ob was done on the app, tbh they rarely visit via the browser, In the early days I set up a 'notepad' type app on each member of staffs tablet, adding a page per key child to add next steps, notes etc ....but I don't think anyone uses it now :-/

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We use the app in class time, only the managers use the website. I would love the app to have a small number on the corner of each child with how many pbservations they have had.


Also in the app i would like to filter observations so i could sort by least obs or last obs so we could focus on children quickly. At the moment we have a paper tick list we update so we can quickly see it.


Last wish (but i sure not last ever) it would be great if when you go to assessment strands they had a star next to them if you had previously observed this. This would mean that you know its a. not needed or b. the child is securing.


Otherwise loving not glueing photos every weekend!

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Would love a bit more information on the app as our staff don't tend to use the browser unless they have to. I like the idea of the number of observations a child has had bring displayed. It would also be great to be able to set a profile picture on the app, as opposed to logging into the browser to do this.

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