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My setting is very new tapestry. We have officially started this week, after weeks of setting up and purchasing tablets etc., we are finally ready to start.


However....As staff are uploading photos and observations, i am receiving no notifications. I have set it to upload after manager’s approval, but how exactly do i approve. I am receiving nothing. Unless i specifically log into a member of staffs account, I can see what they have published, however it clearly states 'not in journal' as i have not approved it. But how do I do that?


My thinking was on the manager/admin account I would receive a series of notifications that a member of staff has uploaded something, I would then check this and approve it and once this is done i would submit it to a parent. But I’m not seeing anything of the sort. I am not receiving any emails that parents/ staff have uploaded anything whatsoever yet there are clearly plenty of obs waiting to be approved.


There are plenty of observations that are waiting for approval, so I need to get this problem solved as soon as possible.


I have set to needing manager’s approval as staff are still getting their heads around tapestry, and I would feel more comfortable checking over everything before it is being submitted to parents.


Please can someone help me. How else is everyone dealing with this? I thought it may have something to do with staff being on a pin only account so I trialled it with one staff on a full staff account and still I received nothing.


The settings are definitely set to receive an immediate email, and a daily email for a reply.


I'm seriously confused ​



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Hi kidzmatter,

Your notifications will come when the observation is added to the journal, not when the observation is made. To see the unapproved observations if you go to your observations page and set your filter to see the 'unapproved observations' you will see them all there ready for you to approve.

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Hello, I am also having a problem with notifications.

As the manager I am only recieving notifications and email updates when parents have contributed.


However, our reception teacher also receives email updates to tell her when I have uploaded observations. Is there a way for me to also be notified when staff members have uploaded an observation? I have tried to find this option in the control settings but so far I have been unsuccessful.


Any help would be appreciated!

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Do you allow your staff to publish observations directly to the journal? If not, no notifications will be sent when the observations are created because Tapaetry only sends notifications when observations are first published to the journal. We will be introducing notifications for managers about new unapproved observations over the coming months. If you don't think that's what's causing the problem, please send us a support ticket and we'll investigate.

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