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New to Tapestry and having a nightmare!


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We have just signed up to Tapestry and despite emailing several times I either haven't had a response or the reply has not answered the queries. We can only get the app to work on one tablet as it doesn't recognise any log in details despite them working on another tablet. We can only seem to add children if we access the system via the internet. We cannot find out how to delete a profile either. What a nightmare. Support is woeful. We are beginning to regret our decision in purchasing this system!

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ive just set up my system and not having many issues (takes me a while to work my way around!!!)

I guess send Matt a message on here is the easiest way ...if you message him through the post system (letter at the top of page) he might be able to chat to you tomorrow. Perhaps your system needs reloading or you've got the wrong 'type' (windows/apple ??)

Im really not good enough at IT to help but have you had a look through the tutorials they might answer some of your questions?


good luck...we're loving it so far!

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Hi marylandteam, sorry to hear you are having problems. I will look for your support tickets first thing in the morning and see how we can help ...

In the meantime, if you are only able to log in on one tablet does that mean you only have set up one log in? If you only have one log in it will log in on one tablet but will not allow you to use the same log in in two locations simultaneously - this is for safeguarding and security reasons. You will need to set up more log ins on control panel > manage staff

You can only add children through the browser version via control panel > manage children. The app allows you to make observations.

You delete things through the control panel on the browser go to control panel>manage children and then you will see an edit option you can delete from there.

Hope this helps, sorry you're finding it so frustrating. I'll look for you in the morning and see if there was anything else you needed.

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Hi Marylandteam,

I'm sorry you're having difficulties at the moment. Although I've found your account, set up yesterday, I can't find any support tickets associated with it. Can you let me know which email address you've been using to contact us as we can't find any non-Tapestry support tickets with your email address either, so I'm not sure which replies you've had?


You can only add children with the full browser version of Tapestry, as the app is for viewing, adding or editing observations, but not for admin functions. If this is the problem you're having please try to access Tapestry initially using Tapestry via a browser.


I'm sorry for your issues, but if you'd like to give more information I'm sure you will find you get the support you need to get kicked off. :)

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Hi again Marylandteam -

I've asked my colleague Lauren to give you a call this morning to see if she can help you resolve your problems. It seems better to let you know via this discussion as you're using three different email addresses to contact us and evidently not receiving our replies, so we're not clear on which emails are authentic.

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