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Hi everyone

can anyone help with a development matters statement I always struggle with, what would you look for the following statement-

Captures experiences and responses with a range of media, such as music, dance and paint and other materials or words.


look forward to reading your responses



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It is a really tricky one!


A few things I can think of would be: putting some music on such as very loud dramatic music or the sounds of the sea and waves, provide the children with any kind of mark making equipment and ask them to mark make representing the sounds they can hear or how it makes them feel.


Provide scarves or ribbon wands after you have been on an autumn walk bring some leaves back with you and dance around with the scarves pretending you are leaves blown in the wind.


I think (I could be wrong) it may be as simple as drawing a picture of something you did on a day out.


Those are the kind of lines I would go along - hope it is helpful.



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captured experiences.....creates small world stories about what they've done, draw/paint pictures of them or their families doing something, dance "I saw the soldiers and they marched like this" writes a 'story' about what they've done/seen or even create a circus from the blocks because they went to it and can tell you about it.

Responses more about how they feel about something...more tricky I find other than in dance so jumping for joy or skipping because they're happy etc its not often that I find children painting a rainbow because it makes them feel happy or a black cloud because they're cross! but I guess that symbolic representation does happen sometimes.

My issue with this statement is the word 'range' never sure if they mean that they have to do one thing in a range of ways or use a range of materials!!???!!

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We struggled with this one too, We were told by our LA advisor that it was things as mentioned above but that we should get evidence/observations for a few different things as it does say "range" and it is in one of the higher age bands, otherwise it would be very easily marked off. But IMO the age is from 2 and a half, so why can't it be something simple!

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