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PD is when you are looking towards getting more qualified or trained. It doesnt have to be a major course it could be learning a new skill such as word processing........ first aid training, doing one of the many courses that are available to you...safeguarding training....

It is a plan of action to help a person become better at their job.


Hope this helps.

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Actually i think i might have said it includes anything that gives you more information to do your job. So reading an article on the FSF is as important (and often more relevant ) to developing your skills and knowledge as a practitioner than attending a course.


You need CPD to keep you up to date/relevant/informed/skilled and to be able to work effectively

Early years develops and changes over the years and therefore so must we as practitioners failure to keep up to date with new research and developments will not allow you to improve outcomes for the children or yourself.

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