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Taking EY practice into Year One


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I teach a mixed reception/year 1/year 2 class which was new to me this year after teaching year 1 for 8 years. I have always had continuous provision in my year 1 classroom so my classroom was set up in the same way this year and all children could access it. I am also wanting to continue using Tapestry with this years reception children as they move into year 1.

I would be very interested in how and what you are going to be doing in year 1.



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Yes I have done this.

The head at the school I worked at was an early years specialist and believed that early years practice could be transferred across all classes in the school by using continuous provision throughout the sessions bringing in key groups of children as and when needed.

In our year 1/2 class we would have a whole class focus then send the children off for their continuous provision activity while the teacher and Ta would work with different groups.

The continuous provison would tie into the whole class teaching so that the children could access it independently, in all classes we provided sand and water trays and they would be included in this provision but with a different focus e.g letters in the sand to create words

Once you have worked with EYFS it is very easy to work up the key stages and apply the same principles as you would for EY but just enhancing them further for the keys stage

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