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Handover between year groups - questionnaire


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I work in an international school as a Nursery teacher and Head of Kindergarten and am currently completing an International Primary Leadership and Management course. Our school starts at age 1yr 7 m and goes on to yr 10 at the moment and the focus of my course project is handover between EYFS year groups to each other and to KS1.


It would be great to get a wider perspective on what people actually want or need through handover and how useful you find data or other methods of handover that you use or have used in the past.


I have some questions (below) that I am asking the staff in our school, but if you have other points to make please do, any and all information and opinion will be useful!


Thank you in advance!



What do you see is the purpose of handover data?


How do you prefer to receive information about your new class?


Do you use data or reports if they are given at handover? When do you use them?


If you could choose any method of handover what would you choose and why?


Given the nature of international schools and the movement of staff, sometimes one teacher will leave and a new teacher for the handover year group will arrive (e.g. Nursery teacher leaves, new reception teacher/s arrive). Would your chosen handover method be effective? What alternative could you suggest?

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Hi, I think we all do things slightly differently depending on the type of setting we have and the different circumstances we find ourselves in. Your situation sounds very interesting and probably quite unique. If you use the search facility (top right on home page) and search 'Transitions' in 'Forums' you should be able to see a wide range of ideas and responses to different questions and transition scenarios. Hopefully you will find what you need in there! Good luck

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Unfortunately the topics I have read on here are more along the lines of settling children into a Nursery or Reception setting. What I am looking for is what sort of information Nursery pass to Reception and Reception pass on to KS1.

When I worked in the UK we handed over reams of data for each child, which was clunky and, as EYFS didn't dovetail into NC levels, a little useless other than to help with groupings (I was in Year One). What we really needed to know was what got the children's attention, where the gaps were, what they could really do well - that sort of thing.


I'm really just looking for some personal opinions on what other teachers want rather than writing the project on what I want from a handover! ::1a

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