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Books for 2 year olds


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Ours are obsessed with "Shark in the Park". They ask for it to be read over & over again and join in with the repeated refrains. Great for language - lots of rhyming. And involves a telescope which seems to have captured our little ones' imaginations. Lots of paper telescopes being made!

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Rod Campbell lift flap books, repetitive language and chances to join in and guess type things. Short musical stories like Old McDonald's Farm with buttons to press with the different animals.


Might really be inclined to tell simple stories with puppets - or teddies and props etc. perhaps they can add a prop into the story like Stone Soup if they show they are trying to listen/participate,


or go for things like row,row,row your boat where they are moving to the rhythm as well as hearing sounds that rhyme and repeat.

there are lots of "verses" to it other than the traditional little rhyme.

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