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Our local authority recently 'sold' the early years department to Babcock International - loads of people were made redundant and we knew there would be a significant impact. However, this week I contacted the Inclusion Team to request a visit from Sen advisor to visit (with parent's permission) to offer advice and support with a new child. I was appalled to hear that the SEN advisor will only visit if the child is already on Pre-School Forum - the only way to access that for this little boy is via SALT who have a minimum 18 week waiting list - I have referred him but I know it will be more than 18 weeks - this means it will be well into the Autumn Term before he sees SALT - that will then take a while for him to be assessed etc before his case is put before the panel for PreSchool Forum - I think we will be lucky to have a decision before January 2017.

How can this be right? - I thought we were being pushed for Early Intervention to give children the very best start - we will obviously support as much as we can but we need some help - even just confirmation that what we are doing is right.

Has anyone else experienced this - I strongly feel the local authority are failing in their responsibilities to the detriment of SEND children and I really want to take the matter further but don't know where to go?

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Hi hopeytg,


Have a look on this website, hopefully you may find some useful information to help with your situation?



NCB delivers the majority of its disability and special educational needs work through the Council for Disabled Children, whose vision is a society in which all disabled children's life chances are assured, their needs are met, their aspirations supported and their rights respected



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we have been unable to get sen visits for some years. The lea has no SENDCO and there is little training or support. It makes me furious ...as you say early intervention is key but the government appears to only believe this happens when the children get to school at 5 when most have accessed services since they were 2 (or younger) ...it doesn't make sense does it??? :( :angry:

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