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Have you tried transient art outside in the garden, providing lots of stones, sticks, flowers, leaves, the only thing I kind of do for them is to frame their collections with 4 sticks and take a photo! They enjoy collecting things from around the garden to add.

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post-30128-0-04144100-1462690981_thumb.jpgpost-30128-0-12849700-1462691038_thumb.jpgpost-30128-0-53978500-1462691083_thumb.jpgpost-30128-0-45505200-1462691130_thumb.jpgHow about a few of these ......i'm doing a process art project at the moment with our lot. Really interesting results so far, they are beginning to get it. The younger ones do better under the ;no rules; system than the older ones who have already learnt restrictions :unsure:

I had an emphasis on colour and colour mixing this week, hence why they are rather paint orientated! we also did an ephemeral art day (great minds! ) we had square trays with sand on them and a selection of shells and stones....I also added shiny mermaid tails, bit of 'seaweed' and small cut out fish for a particular group of girls.







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