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I have been trying to import parents into Tapestry and have been following the useful tutorials on your forum to enable me to progress through this process.

Unfortunately, although I create the file, import it and reach the last step in the process, I am not able to move forward.




This screen shot shows that I have imported my test parent (don't worry all the information is made up). I then try to tick the box to say I want to import this parent and the tick box won't tick.


I considered that maybe there was a parent already using this name, however there is not. Can anyone suggest why I cannot tick the box? I am using the Firefox browser on a Mac but have tried the same process using Google Chrome.


Many thanks

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My colleague Joe is replying to your support ticket right now, but in short, we suspect that it is because the email address is already in use on your Tapestry (either as another relative or staff member) - you can use the same name as many times as you like, but the email address has to be unique for each user.

In regards to getting support from us, you're right in thinking the forum is one place to go, but it's better to use that for more general things like 'how do I do x, y, and z?'. Often other users can help you with those questions if we don't get there first!
Anything technical is better directed to tapestry.support@eyfs.info though - that way your query can be passed onto the developers a bit quicker, and we can ask you questions about things that are better kept to private conversations (e.g. specific account details like the email address of the user involved).

Best wishes,

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The support ticket has solved my problem, it seems that although I thought to check for a duplicate name, I didn't think to check for a duplicate email address.


Make sure you have no duplicate data when importing parents, this will be especially important when you have a parent who is also a teacher, they will not be able to use the same email address.


An error message from the system would have made this whole process a lot easier to debug.

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