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Advice needed please.


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We are a small preschool which lives in a portacabin in a primary school grounds. We get our gas, electricity, water and phone lines from the school supply. Over the bank holiday we lost the electricity supply to our building which resulted in us not been able to run any sessions today as we have no lights, heat or hot water. Now it looks like this could continue for the rest of the week at least as the workmen will need to dig up the cable, find the fault and repair it etc.


The school have kindly offered us the use of a modular building on the school site which is a big room with a kitchen and toilets. We have risk assessed the building today and we could make it work for us as a temporary setting until we get our electricity back. We have phoned our insurance company and we would be covered fine if we moved into the modular building. My question is do we need to inform ofsted of our temporary move even if the building is all ready registered with ofsted due to it been a school building and the school nursery and reception class regularly use the building? Advice please.

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