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I currently track attendance on paper - go through the registers weekly, put absences on each child's individual file and reason for absence, then flag up any concerns at our weekly management meeting, or call a safeguarding meeting if required.

Writing all the absences onto individual files is sooooo time consuming! Has anyone found a free (or very cheap) app that can be used? I've been looking at a few but can't find one I like yet. They all seem based on regular, daily attendance like schools, whereas our children can attend anywhere from 2 mornings to 5 full days.


Help gratefully received!

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This is something i have requested to be added to Tapestry.. and it does need to be more designed for irregular days or sessions rather than School setup.


I'm sure there will be apps available but i have yet to try any personally except a few School versions and they did not work well.


Maybe a database or spreadsheet might work.. but it isn't easy to do :(

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We use this one - the good thing about it is that the days change when the month/year are put in and it adds up the totals. We still need to go through it to put them on each week put its very easy and gives an overview for the month. I can't remember where I got it from (I think it may have been from someone on here!)



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