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Really don't want to use sparklebox

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Just a thought, maybe we need to create a bank of free resources here? I would be happy to share everything I have, only need to learn how to upload it.


Good idea!

There is already a resources section here, and I remember using it years ago - maybe we all need to get into the habit again :1b :1b

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The resource library is here. It's organised by Every Child Matters categories which people may or may not find useful these days. There's all sorts of stuff in there although it's not as regularly contributed to as it used to be. If it became a handy tool again I'd be very pleased to see it being used! :1b

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The resources I am after are mainly for displays and labels to start with, and then to start a bank of learning resources for themes covering different areas. Will have a look on TES and on the resource library on here. I will try and upload what I can too. Thanks, I am new to the forum and having support out there is lovely.

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