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Would anyone like to link up with us? The diversity challenge!


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Dear Friends,


We are a small, rural pre-school in Youlgrave Derbyshire.

To help us to improve on our experience and understanding of diversity within our own culture we are looking to link up with another setting.

We could share pictures and letters, send photographs of where we live: our setting and the children that attend.

As we are a rural Pre-school we are looking for a setting that is perhaps in a city or town.

It would be great if perhaps we could arrange a visit one day to experience the differences and similarities that we share.


We look forward to making some new friends,


Kind regards

Lucy Burlinson (manager).

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Hi Catherine,

Thank you for your reply, we would be very happy to link up although I was hoping for a setting perhaps in a city because it would be just so different from ours.

We would still love to hear from you though, do you want to give me your address and we can start the ball rolling?


Lucy :1b

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Ah just got quite excited by reading your post but unfortunately we may not fit the bill! :(


We are a small semi-rural pre-school in Danesmoor, Derbyshire


However if you ever want to share good practice ideas or anything we would be happy to link up

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