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Non breaking pencils and felt pens


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Can you please tell me what brand of pencils and felt pens do you use in your setting?

Are there any pencil brands that have leads which don't break so easily? I bought once a lot of pencils called BIC Evolution HB. They are slightly flexible but not as flexible as those new that you can tie in a knot. Unfortunately I cannot find them online and not in local shops. Any other good brands to recommend?


Good washable felt pens as well as white board markers can also be difficult to find, so your advice will be highly appreciated.



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Staedtler maxi pencils which we buy from The Consortium;


Giotto bebe pencils (good for little hands)

lakeland Jumbo colured pencils

Staedtler thinner coloured pencils


Berol Colourbroad felt pens,

Giotto turbocolour for thinner felts,

everything from the consortium


I think the main thing is to go for quality; cheap resources tend to break easily, are difficult to sharpen and just aren't value for money.............and are very frustrating to work with

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I invested in Rahmquist colouring pencils - cost a lot of money but are now in their fourth year of use and still going strong. They give a really good colour without needing too much downward pressure.

We have a rep who visits the school - I don't remember seeing them in shops/catalogues.

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