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Can anyone recommend long sleeved waterproof aprons that actually work and keep the water out?!


Outside water play and mud kitchen play is proveing challenging as the children are wearing thick outside coats so we cant push up their sleeves whilst playing in the water. Tried some aprons long sleeved that claimed to be waterproof but they are rubbish.


Anyone else have this problem and have any aprons or solutions they can recommend?

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These look good Wildflowers - can children do them up for themselves or do they need to 'find a friend'?

Aprons, and how to look after them properly, is a regular agenda item for us too.


Also, need to find some to fit bigger children - lots of my Year R are into 7-8 and a couple are bigger, very few fit the 4-5 sizes. They're not plump, just tall. The ones from the Herts catalogue just aren't robust enough we find.

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