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Wasnt sure how to word the title!


Hello everyone Im new here and would appreciate a little guidance.


Myself (as chair) and indeed entire committee were voted in in October - all new members. Can I ask how much you share in respect of the day to to day running with the whole committee as opposed to just the officers?


Im wondering if every single decision needs to be decided upon as a whole? We are a large committee (12) and sometimes trying to obtain a snap/quick decision is not always possible

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Welcome to the forum


Wow 12 on a committee your setting is very lucky!

The main things I don't share with the whole committee are Staffing Issues & Wages and anything to do with the children & their family (unless it's getting to the point where you think the committee may have to be involved and that's only happened to me once in my 12 years)

Staffing & Wages are only discussed with the 'Officers' of the committee

To be honest the committee don't take any interest in the day to day stuff as that is what they employ me as manager to do anyway, it's mainly fundraising that is done by my huge committee of 3!

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Thanks for your reply. Thats helpful to know. I have a wages issue coming up (as do most I guess with the minimum wage going up!) so I was unsure who to discuss with.

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Hi and a warm welcome.We are a incorporated company with charitable status. We also have 12 members on our committee. I agree with thumperabbit wage issues are discussed between chairperson/ deputy chairperson, treasurer and myself as the manager.

Any sensitive issues regarding children/ families/ staff are only discussed with the chairperson on a need to know basis.

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Wowsers 12!! Well done to you both on getting to that number I'm sat here counting on one hand out comittee lol :)


I have a report sheet which goes through:

Occupancy overview

Staffing updates, training, restructuring, quality teaching grades, contract updates/issues, vacancies

Funding overview and eypp spend

Legislative changes

Purchase requests above £100

Trip requests where funds taken from pre school

Any general day to day issues/building issues

Positive comments


Sounds a lot but I send report out prior to mtg bullet pointed and I whizz through it usually talk for 30 mins


Individual officers chair/finance/secretary decide on wages but an agreement that it should be looked at is made by all but no figures discussed.


Safeguarding member recieves 3 monthly updates on safeguarding , the fact it has been covered is noted in main meeting so it is an open dialogue that the communication has occurred.


Send member recieves 3 monthly update as per safeguarding.


Other than that it's chair, but I only discuss issues that could become a problem or may/do require reporting, this is on a one to one basis.

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We have 7 committee members.

I only discuss safeguarding (child protection) with designated officer which is also our longstanding Treasurer, but obviously not in any detail. More in terms of additional costs to attend meetings and write reports.

All other safeguarding (health and safety) issues would discuss with Chair and she would decide how to share or use the information.

Treasurer authorises expenditure.

I share details of outstanding fees with Treasurer.

Treasurer works out different scenarios of staff wages and fee increases. These are put to the whole committee. Always causes a problem as the vote for the lowest if any fee increase and the lowest wage increase. I don't have any part in this.

Daily health and safety is done by me and reviewed termly by designated member.

Fundraising at the moment done by me, or not at all!

I prepare a managers report for each committee meeting.

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