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Review of childcare costs: the analytical report


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I found page 8 quite interesting where it talks about the rise in cost of childcare over the last 10 years however, unless I have not read it clearly it does not seem to take into consideration the cost to providers in providing care ie increased electricity/utility bills etc, staff salaries, cost of resources etc


How can providers not charge more for care when their outgoings have increased?


Super markets pass on their costs in haulage and utilities by charging us an extra 1p here and 10p there so why should providers not cover their costs at least, certainly many don't make large profits :(

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I started to read it and then stopped - it was beginning to look like we are not going to get a raise until 2019-20 - not the promised 2017 - I decided that today was not the day to try and look at this - it's not been a good one really........


Hope that i was reading that all wrong - will go back for another look when I feel 'stronger' :D

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