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I shouldn't get too bogged down with it - the government have already said that they don't understand the cost of childcare - hardly surprising given their rather abstract call for evidence question. Having said that I (and suspect many others) also completed the more in depth request for data by their auditors - funny that this more detailed data collection isn't reflected in the report. Perhaps it's because they don't like the answer!!!!


Jokes about rations aside (look for the typo) - the easiest "cost cutting" exercise will be for providers to cut staff costs by working to higher ratios (Sammy boy has already been to France to see how they do it - ringing any bells?)


My inner cynic (so hard to keep it quiet these days) can just see the same cycle of events that we had when Truss was the government mouthpiece - the cost of childcare will end up being determined by what the government want to pay (any it doesn't matter what colour the government is either).


I ended my response to the auditor survey suggesting that government really need to get away from this notion of "free" entitlement and be honest about it being a subsidy - and currently we are the ones subsidising !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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