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Fundamental british values- is this enough


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Hi all


With all the new information on fundamental british values, I am just getting round to working on it (shameful I know but lots of thing happening lately!).


Do you think its enough to make a scrapbook type book to go on our parents table with pictures etc so show how we promote the british values in our setting?


I would do a display but we are limited on display space and I feel the children's work is better on display so they can see it.


Any advice welcome :1b

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I think it's been mentioned on here a few times before that Ofsted don't want to see displays/notices - its what they see in practice that counts

For the most part it's what you do in normal day to day practice so other than add a section in our E&D policy I don't intend to do much more with it


Mainly because it saves me time faffing, haha!

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Just spread Union Jack bunting all over your setting and you have cracked it :rolleyes: and no pictures of Jeremy Corbyn anywhere or you risk offending the queen! Of course i am joking. Just stay in the middle or lean a little to the left and all will be fine. This umbrella that British Values is now under is simply a way of removing any practice of prejudice from settings. This will hopefully allow our future generation to all live together and be more accepting or each other and go a little way to solving a huge problem.


It might be good practice to record information in relation to how your setting is actively promoting these values. The only reason i say this is because the government have made the decision to now put a label on it and highlight it so i think we should.

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