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Dear All

I don't know is this sounds familiar to anyone else - maybe it's just me. I seem to spend my life carrying around 'bags for life' from my car, to nursery and back home again full of paperwork/ documents/ guidelines to read etc and I'm really trying to cut down as I don't feel on top of things!

I am hoping someone can help please as I am so bogged down with paperwork, I'm trying to throw out anything that is out of date so that I can work on what I should be looking at but I'm too scared to throw anything out! (also panicking as O due and I need to make sure I'm looking at all the latest versions of publications etc)

My question then, is what can/ should go?


evaluation schedule for inspections- sept 2014

Early years outcomes - sept 2013

Statutory framework EYFS - sept 2014- still current



I have my hands on new docs from here/ ofsted website such as :


Eyears inspection handbook - Aug 2015

Inspection safeguarding in early years- Aug 2015

Play and teaching guidance

The prevent duty


Have I missed anything?


Thank you for any help.

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Hi Greenfinch...I'm sure someone with their 'finger on the pulse' will be along later, but that isn't me, like you I have outdated versions of documents, then throw out the version I needed, so would be good to have a definitive list of must haves :-/

I think I need to have:


Inspection Handbook 2015

CIF: http://www.foundationyears.org.uk/files/2015/06/The_common_inspection_framework_education_skills_and_early_years.pdf - is this the same as handbook or something else ???)


Statutory Framework 2014


Inspection safeguarding in EY 2015


Working together to safeguard children 2013


Keeping children safe in education (but not sure if I have just acquired this in my role as a school governor)



Recent to be aware of:

Prevent Duty/Fundamental British Values

teaching and Play in Early years, a balancing act.


will be interesting to see what others have, useful post :-)

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Working Together 2013 has been superceded by Working Together 2015




You might also want to add the SEN Code of Practice 2015 to your list




If it helps I find it quite useful to download this stuff in PDF format and keep it on my laptop - I also copy it into Dropbox so that I can access a copy either on a tablet or phone - saves carrying it around!

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you don't need the Evaluation Schedule for Inspection 2014. the new Evaluation Schedule is now incorporated in the Early Years Inspection Handbook 2015. Think they start on page 33.


Just been to some great training on the CIF by NDNA and it was pointed out that the handbook is like having the questions to the exam. (exam being the Ofsted inspection)


there were lots of other useful tips on understanding how Ofsted come to their judgements and why.

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