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Student placement- first one!


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Hi all


I have been asked by a student if she can carry out her level 3 college placement with us. I said that would be lovely and have asked that her tutor gives me a call to discuss expectations etc,

She then informed me that the tutor has said she likes to have little to do with placements as possible and that students should sort things out themselves.


So, my question is what do I need to do as a setting to support this student. Should I insist that I speak to her tutor? What about dbs checks etc?


Any advice is most welcome :1b

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HI DBS checks I find vary sometimes the college does them and then I take a note of number rather than do one myself, as students would never be on their own anyway with children I feel this is ok. Sometimes though if its apprenticeship I do them as the college don't.


How is the student being assessed? I normally don't speak to tutors so much but if they have an assessor coming out to setting I chat to them. If not I ask the student to get me copies of what they are being assessed against etc... as this can help to plan better experiences for them. Other than that I just keep talking to my student asking what they are working on, course outlines etc... and make sure they know they can ask me if they need to set specific things up, we chat about how to meet learning objectives together and just generally keep an eye on things.


does this help?

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We have a student policy and we usually accept the college Dbs check , usually the college should ensure that they have seen a copy of your liability insurance and make some contact , I think it is irresponsible if they don't , admittedly our college placement student were not supported enough by tutors as they failed to visit them in placement which I personally think is disheartening for both setting and student.


Our student came back to us for a second placement as the next one she was placed in despite being a well recognised and outstanding organisation treated her with complete disregard and were very pratonising .


Also ensure you have emergency contacts and personal details for student just as you would staff.


Good luck and hope she turns out to bean asset to you.

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Sometimes the colleges come and carry out a young person risk assessment, look at insurance etc. Then same as all staff with induction, copy of job description etc. I also get them to fill in a job application form including references (for long term placements -it's experience if nothing else). Some don't seem to get much support from their colleges and I have had to do chasing in the past.

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