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Tapestry and sharing progress with families


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Hi Everyone,


This is our first year using Tapestry and we absolutely love it! However we have run into a bit of a rough patch at the end of term.


Previously we used to meet with parents each term to update them on their child's progress using a paper based tracker in their learning journal. This was fairly quick to do, parents responded well to it and we identified concise next steps.


This time around we used the Tapestry report function to provide a family with an individual report for their child. The reports are very thorough and provide a holistic view of the child's development. They are quite time consuming to produce though and meetings with parents have taken a lot longer. I also feel like the number of next steps is quite overwhelming for them- we like to break things down a bit more for them.


I know families are able to access their Learning Journals regularly through the Tapestry app, but not all our parents are doing this regularly and many pay little attention to the assessment we make. I feel like there is still a need for some sort of termly meeting with parents, but doing a report every term is clearly too much. Does anyone have any suggestions? How are other settings sharing the Tapestry assessments they make with families?

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I invited parents in for a chat once a term and went through progress sheets with them on a very informal basis. We talked about what achievements were happening at home and what I had observed. We talked about making better use of tapestry and the things it could do, and it used to really spur parents on to add things themselves. I used to block out a fortnight and parents made appointments yo come at the start or end of sessions, so I could see four lots of parents a day.

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