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I don't have a policy as such but...

we offer a visit to every new starter regardless of whether they are the first or the tenth child from the family to come to our school. I give an appointment time in June, very few change, even fewer say they do not want to be visited, though I do make it clear that it's not obligatory.


Staff make visits in pairs. They must stick to the schedule as closely as possible and leave a copy of the day's visits in the school office. They take a mobile phone with them, leaving the number in the office. As little paperwork as possible is taken out of school, and is carried with staff, not left in the car. If anyone feels uncomfortable in a house for any reason whatsoever they are both to leave and come back to school.


Some issues have arisen over the years around shoes - I take mine off as a matter of course when going indoors but staff have not felt comfortable doing this as 'you never know what might be on the floor' - and they have a good point. So we carry overshoes (like in hospitals) to wear as needed.

Staff are not allowed to use their personal mobile phones to call parents so if someone isn't home staff phone school, and the office staff then call the parents.


Home visits are really useful for sharing information, worries and concerns and I wouldn't want to stop doing them ever! Hope your go well too.

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Hi I can only speak for our sessional setting for 2 to 5 year olds.

We introduced home visits 4 years ago and they are fantastic.

All 10 staff feel they are very worthwhile.

We go in twos, generally a senior member of staff and the child's key person. We normally take a plastic folder with some puzzles and some books to share. The key person interacts with the child, whilst the other member of staff goes through all the paperwork with the parent/carer.

Not sure how you would implement them in full daycare, but definitely worth all the effort if you can.:)

Good luck with your new venture.:)

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Our home visits have been really successful and have definitely helped with settling our new children in , we do have a policy in place .

Myself and deputy undertake these as we do not allocate key person beforehand ( gasp, shock, horror) we spend approximately an hour with parent and child and all feedback has been really positive.


Note: siblings from family have same key person but as this has been a relatively new thing ( home visits) we are yet to take key person with us. Our staff get to build really good relationships with our families and many of them refer to us as their preschool family.

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