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toddler room reflection/audit


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hi all,


when reflecting on environment and learning that goes on in a toddler room 2-3's, what key things would you consider? i would like to put together a reflective document (if anyone has soemthing similar and doesn't mind sharing that would be great too!!)


things i have thought of so far:


1) is there a quiet.private cosy area

2) do the activities require children to sit often/for long periods of time

3) oppurtunities for much physical play

4) frequent singing and story telling


many thanks

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ITTERS would be a good start, but I would definitely adapt it as it can be very detailed and prescriptive. It would probably save you a lot of time though as you could take what you need from it and discard what doesn't apply. If you haven't heard of it, it stands for Infant Toddler Environmental Rating Scale.

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