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Food and toileting diary


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I am looking for a template of some kind that would enable me to keep a diary of what a child has eaten at Pre-school each day.


Also, the child uses the toilet to have a wee but poos in her knickers. Her mum says that it happens at home as well and would like me to keep a diary as to when she uses the toilet and when she has accidents. She thinks it may be that its something she has eaten as her stools are rather loose. We have a "nappy/toileting" chart that staff complete daily but that is a large sheet for all children. I was thinking of making a chart up just for this child so that I can just hand it to mum when she picks her up each day.


I have advised her to see the doctor or health visitor and mum says they are bound to ask her what she eats, how often she goes, etc etc so would like to show the doctor the diary.


Any help please?



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We would just use a small exercise book which goes home and parent records what happens there. It means that all the information is in one place if doctors need to see it. Everyone would record dates and times.

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