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I need to vent


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I am the eyp in a private nursery-myself and the deputy have equal status but she clearly isn't up to the job. She was off today and I found that she had given spot the difference sheets suitable for junior school children to the toddlers in the 2-3 room, ignoring the planning and resources that were already made for the focus that week

This is just the latest in a long line of incompetencies she has displayed but people are too kind to say anything for fear of upsetting her as she holds grudges for ages.

The manager is aware of it but doesnt really do anything about it.

I am getting really frustrated at having to be the person that clears up everyone else's mess.

Rant over and now I feel better

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Yuck. I think I would be having a team discussion on your planning. Why you have it? As well as developmentally age appropriate activities etc.

Doing it this way does not necessarily single them out but allows you to offer the best for the children in your care.

I personally loathe activity sheets, especially for children that young.

I also have a team member that given the chance will try to do a number sheet, name writing etc, when the children are clearly not ready to be doing it.

Maybe some in house training on this subject might help too.

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But she is the deputy-how can we expect the ''normal staff' to provide appropriate activities if the people in charge are doing it wrong?

The issue around this member of managements competence has been rumbling for ages now but nothing ever gets done-it is so frustrating

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If it is a long list- think you may have your work cut out. But Fredbear is right why not have a workshop for the team and talk through why you plan and use your EYP training to raise the standards. I know it is frustrating but speak to your manager and start small. Choose one area that you think you may win in and then move forward. There are so many great resources to help you (including the good people on this forum).

If you choose planning find formats that are good and some that are not so good. Let the team look at them and discuss why they are good/not good. Maybe your co deputy might change her practice when group discussion takes place and more ideas are brought forward. And don't forget to quote EYFS.

You could choose to look at how children learn maths or writing. Again start with group discussion and bring forward all the research you can uncover. We can help out.

Ranting is good but as my teenage daughter says "Build a bridge and get over it" use your frustration to positive use and change the practice.

Let us know how you get on.

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I accept that they are a deputy, but exploring it as a team might open up a discussion on the whole subject.

Could you research a download for everyone to read explaining the pros and cons of this and current thinking, updating.

Maybe where they worked previously did them in the past.( I've seen many over the years).

Who does their Supervisions?. Do you do each others or does the Manager complete both of yours.

Would peer observations be another route to take.

You might also need to have a constructive discussion with your manager on this and any other issues as you say it's been going on some time now.:)

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Great advice already, exactly what I would do - but I am owner and i don't allow those types of work sheets on the premises - find out where she is getting them from and destroy! If you feel spot the diff is appropriate (and why not in some cases - certainly helps with pre- reading skills imho, grade them, and make sure they are only available to that room alone, we have some nice ELC cards which are graded very well, starting with just one difference and going up to cards with 4 differences on, ours do like them - every now and then and sometimes they bring in magazines from home with their favourite characters on and we will let them do those if it is something they are interested in.


It is very wearying being the person putting things "right" - but if in the long run you get the place running as you want, it is worth the effort. Come on here and vent any time, we do care and we do understand, there aren't many of us who haven't been where you are.

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