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Our topic is wild animals and I would normally do a whole section using the Book 'Handa's Surprise'. However I only started this job at Easter (Nursery teacher for Nursery attached to a school - 50 children on roll, 25 per session) and now find out that they have already looked at Handa's Surprise whilst doing another topic before I got there. What I'm looking for is any ideas for another book to use (we have spent some time looking at Wild Animals in general, but I would now like to use a book as a guide) and some activities to go with it.


I had thought I might use 'One Bear at Bedtime' as there are wild animals in there and can use lots of counting activities. I also have a great book called 'Pass the Parcel' which has animals patterns and shapes. None of them inspire me as much as Handa's Surprise though so I would love any other suggestions. We have already looked at 'Rumble in the Jungle' and 'Walking Through the Jungle'.



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